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As a local, family owned and operated plumbing business from Johnston, RI, Kwik Plumbing & Heating Company offers fast and dependable plumbing and heating services throughout Rhode Island. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality plumbing and heating services for a reasonable cost, and we are fully licensed and insured. We have 3 generations of experience and guarantee all of our work.

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Financing options now available!

We work with you

We will work with you to get you financed so that we can install a more efficient heating system in your home. We have many financing options available for any type of budget. Contact us and we can discuss what options are available and what works for you.

Energy Efficiency

Help us, help you

We can assist you in obtaining Financing for a new High Efficiency Heating system installation. There are many different options to obtain this type of loan. You can apply for a loan through Kwik Plumbing and Heating Inc. which works with Greensky Financing to get you the money you need to get a new updated heating system. We also work with National Grid and Rise Engineering as another option to assist you in obtaining either a loan in the full amount of the project or if you just need part of the total they can assist you with that also. Rise Engineering and National Grid are working with multiple lenders to help our customers obtain a loan no matter what there credit history or income is. So if you are interested in a new High Efficiency Heating system which could potentially save you 50% or more on your heating bill then please contact us right away so we can help you get your new Heating System installed right away. Call 401-588-9794 to set up a appointment for a free in home estimate and we can also discuss finance options for you.

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We're Restaurant Installation Experts

Specialty, commercial expertise

We are skilled plumbers that are very experienced in all areas Restaurant Kitchen Installs. Specializing in Grease Traps, Floor Drains, Sinks with indirect wastes and much more. We also install all types of gas lines to appliances or any type of equipment. We can install either flexible or hard pipe for gas piping.

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PO Box 19475 Johnston, RI 02919

Phone: 401-588-9794

24 hr Emergency Service Available

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Kwik Plumbing & Heating Company accepts all Major Credit Cards

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Contact us 24/7 for your Plumbing and Heating needs.


Rhode Island Plumbing Company is capable of making any home energy efficient. Our RI plumbing and heating company offers high efficient heating systems of installations. If you are concerned about the pricing of a heating system installation Rhode Island Plumbing offers a financing option!
We will work hand and hand with you to get the best resourceful system for your home! When it comes down to energy savings cost it starts with a RI Plumbing company. Choose a Rhode Island Plumbing Company that will not only improve or fix your plumbing and heating, choose a RI plumbing and heating company that wants the best for your home!


Kwik Plumbing and Heating in Rhode Island knows that accidents happen all the time. We make our team of technicians readily available to you when you need it most with our 24 Hour service. Our 24 hour plumber service comes in handy for most of our clients. It seems the wee hours of the night is when the most problems occur but don’t ever stress and just call Kwik Plumbing and Heating. We will be there as soon as we can. We offer a 24 hour plumber service but we promise a job well done in less than an hour. Are pricing for 24 hour plumber service are competitive and we do not charge overcharges for nights or weekends. We provide a full service that is reliable for all commercial and residential building that need emergency plumbing repair.

We specialize in emergency boiler repair along with emergency heating repair. Our team of technicians will come as soon as possible to address your heating system for repair. Kwik Plumbing and Heating knows how essential a working boiler truly is. That’s why we have made our emergency boiler repair a 24 hour service along with our emergency heating repair. If a problem occurs than Kwik Plumbing and heating are your professionals for the job. We send our technicians out to your home and they will arrive prepared for any emergency at hand with the tools they may need. There is no waiting with our team. Our goal is to work efficiently to get your boiler working back to normal in no time! Calling Kwik Plumbing and Heating for your emergency heating repair or emergency boiler repair will be quick and painless. Offering friendly technicians and follow ups on your heating systems. Call us today at your convenience and see why Kwik Plumbing and Heating is your go to company in Rhode Island!

Kwik Plumbing and Heating Services Company

Kwik Plumbing and Heating Services Company